Cách tắt Card đồ họa Onboard để dùng Card màn hình rời NVIDIA

When you use a laptop computer, want to upgrade your laptop to play games, or serve study work, you choose to upgrade the discrete video card. However, when inserting a discrete video card into the computer, it does not recognize it, you try all ways but still can’t. In the article below, Wikilaptop please guide How to turn off Onboard Graphics Card to use NVIDIA discrete video card for laptops. Let’s follow along!

Why disable Onboard graphics card?

Onboard graphics card equipped with CPUs, so it is usually a component that always exists on the laptop to meet the basic needs of the user, but when equipped discrete video card then of course its power must be much larger than the Onboard card.

In some cases, the laptop will calculate to only use the Onboard Card or the discrete Card, so the performance sometimes cannot be reached the best level if using the onboard card, if using the onboard card attached to the CPU, it will heat up. Higher CPU level is to use a discrete video card, so you should turn off the onboard card to only use the discrete card.

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So, can the Onboard and discrete cards be used together?

This is entirely possible because manufacturers have put together a laptop, there is no reason if they conflict and do not work together, but you should note that the computer algorithm will calculate to indicate use 1 graphics card for a certain task/application, rather than using them together.

For example: When you only use your laptop to surf the web and watch videos with normal resolution, usually the laptop only uses Onboard video card When playing games and watching movies with high resolution, you must use discrete video card.

1. How to turn off the Onboard video card using Device Manager

  • Step 1: First, you right click on My Computer -> choose Manage.

  • Step 2: After that, a new window will appear, look to the left and select the item Device manager and on the right click on the item Display adapters -> choose Onboard card -> right click select Disable device. If usually with the machines used Core i then choose Intel UHD Graphics already Disable device.

  • Step 3: Turn off the machine and insert the removable card into the slot PCI Express x16 slots and download Driver about settings.

  • Step 4: Enter Device Management Check if there is a VGA card. If not, please check for updates Driver new, and checked already Disable the onboard card not yet. Afterward, start the machine once again.

2. How to disable Onboard video card in NVIDIA Control Panel

  • Step 1: You proceed to open the software NVIDIA Control Panel
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  • Step 2: Next, open the manage 3D settings -> choose High-performance Nvidia processor in section “Preferred graphics processor“.

  • Step 3: Finally, you choose Apply and restart laptop

Note when turning off the onbard graphics card:

  • Ability Broken Card faster compared to automatic mode, due to abuse VGA so their lifespan is reduced quite quickly.
  • Should only be used on capable laptops replace VGA leave like a line Laptop Workstation for graphics, Gaming Laptop series, MSI. And if your laptop can’t replace the discrete VGA but it’s broken, you have to “solder” the chip to make it work.
  • Can be used to check old laptop when buyingbecause you can use it to test discrete VGA see if it runs smoothly. If it shows up yellow dot at VGA or Benchmark score If you do not meet the standards, you should choose another machine or another place.

Wishing you success!.

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